Open-access and institutional repositories in fire literature

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Titre de la revueFire Technology
Sujetcitation analysis; fire literature; grey literature; institutional repositories; open-access
RésuméWith the emergence of advanced Internet technologies, access to scientific literature is evolving at an unprecedented pace. While the number of peer-reviewed publications is growing exponentially, unpublished technical reports, dissertations and other forms of grey literature are becoming increasingly accessible for researchers across the world. Research organizations and universities are capitalizing on this opportunity, actively making their research available on the Internet. At the National Research Council, the Institute for Research in Construction ensures that all fire-related literature produced is stored in an Institutional Repository and posted on the Web in a freely available manner. In doing so, this system has provided fire researchers with a vehicle to improve visibility of their research, having pronounced advantages. For the fire community, the material is an excellent source of scholarly articles, reports, technical data and conference papers. A close examination of the Institute’s fire-related literature in Google Scholar reveals citation patterns which illustrate the value of open-access, free literature to fire researchers.
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Maison d’éditionSpringer
AffiliationInstitut de recherche en construction du CNRC; Conseil national de recherches Canada
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Numéro du CNRCNRCC 53928
Numéro NPARC23001940
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