Cantilever beam testing of freshwater ice in a centrifuge

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Conférence16th International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, 13-17 April 1997, Yokohama, Japan.
RésuméThe use of physical modelling in a centrifuge as a means of simulating ice-structure interactions is a potential complement to large-basin modelling and on-site testing. The feasibility of this simulation depends on the influence that gravity naturally exerts on both the growth of the ice and the mechanisms involved in its failure upon loading. This paper evaluates the effect of high inertial acceleration on the flexural strength of freshwater columnar ice. The results suggest that inertial acceleration does not affect the flexural strength of the ice under the conditions investigated.
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AffiliationInstitut des technologies océaniques du CNRC; Conseil national de recherches Canada
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Numéro NPARC8895783
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