Report of a group set up to review wavemakers and wavemaking technology in OCRE facilities

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TypeRapport technique
Titre de collectionLaboratory Memorandum; nº OCRE-LM-2014-002
Description physique26 p.
Sujetwavemaker; wave generation waves
RésuméThis report presents the results of a review of the wavemakers and wavemaking technology at OCRE. The review was carried out between April 2013 and February 2014 by a group of eight people with different responsibilities who shared an interest in waves and wave generation. Issues addressed by the Group included what needed to be done to ensure the wavemakers will continue to operate reliably and to meet the needs of clients in the future. The review considered wavemaking hardware, control systems and software for wave generation and analysis of the results. The need for expertise in the field was also included. Problems or limitations to capabilities in these areas were identified, together with the impact or importance of the problem, options for solutions and pros and cons for each option. The steps required to resolve outstanding issues were documented and where possible the preferred option identified The review led to the following recommendations: Replace the wavemaker in the Towing Tank; Address the rustout issues in the MWB; Replace the actuator rod end bearings in the drive system in the OEB; Replace the hydraulic drives with electric drives and simplify the linkages in the OEB; Bring the control systems for all OCRE wave generation facilities to the same high level; Acquire software for wave generation to include 2nd order waves and active wave absorption; Fit wave probes to each segment in the OEB to enable active wave absorption; Create a new position (or re-assign an existing staff member) to provide direct support to the operation of wavemakers in the facilities.
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Maison d’éditionNational Research Council Canada
AffiliationConseil national de recherches Canada; Génie océanique, côtier et fluvial
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Numéro NPARC21272096
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