Stellar abundances from line statistics

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Titre de la revueThe Astrophysical Journal
Pages684698; nbre. de pages : 15
SujetA stars; abundance; line spectra; stellar models; stellar spectra; early stars; iron; late stars; manganese; statistical analysis; yttrium
RésuméThe method of linear statistical modeling has been combined with a rudimentary model of stellar photospheres to obtain abundance estimates for a large member of normal and peculiar upper-main-sequence stars. The adopted standard abundances, obtained from published fine analyses, can be fitted by the algorithms with about 0.5 dex as the standard deviation. A major advantage of the technique introduced here, based on wavelength coincidences, is that the statistical presence of intrinsically faint stellar lines plays a key role. This can minimize systematic errors due to curve-of-growth-saturation effects. Errors due to misidentified features are also minimized. In spite of these advantages, the present method is advocated as an ancillary tool for use, ultimately, in the improvement of results obtained by more traditional methods. Abundances, rounded to the nearest 0.5 dex, are reported for Cr, Mn, Fe, and Y. The largest ranges of abundances are found for chromium and yttrium. A remarkable constancy has been found for iron.
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AffiliationInstitut Herzberg d'astrophysique du CNRC; Conseil national de recherches Canada
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Numéro du CNRC19301
Numéro NPARC21275046
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